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Small town news
Stupid teen-aged drivers   I think this was actually on Tuesday since I saw it and I don't remember going into Anchorage on Wednesday.    CRS strikes again. Robert Farley who was injured is Glenn's aged and since they started attending the same school the school district has been trying to give his stuff to me.  Oh Glenn's grades, would you like Roberts too?    After this article appeared in the paper one of Rose's teachers asked how "Robert was doing.. "Robert Who?"  

Today the local paper called to see if we were the parents of Robert Farley.  Probably to get more information on how he is doing.   I was not home but Sarah said the one sided conversation went something like " hello ...  no...  NO! " and got really interesting.  Good thing I saw the article and we discussed it at home so John had some idea that there was a wreck and that "Farley" was involve. 

There are at least 3 Farley families in this community.   Teenagers playing chicken cutting each other off while driving down the highway.  I love the comments   Glen?  clearly someone who is not from the area.  It is the GLENN highway.  AKA HWY 1 but no one calls it anything other than "the Glenn".   

todays quilt top

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Saturday morning
The puppy work me up at 7. Well at least I got to sleep in for an hour.

Glenn likes his classes, he has not said anything bad about his teachers and he really likes his Engineering Seminar. Today he has History of Western Civilization

Sarah is frustrated over her classes, she needs to figure out that she is not the only one struggling then she will feel better. She thinks that everyone one else understands these new concepts and in reality everyone is struggling.

Rose is busy, she wants to go pickup a clarinet today. She is excited and she has a built in tutor in big sis.
The director of the play she auditioned for asked who was going to participate in the intermission entertainment. The director wants to include everyone.  She does not want to be the bad guy and say NO- so I will be the realistic Mom, and say NO.  I emailed her back explaining that while her desire to include everyone is great, I need to teach my child that not everyone gets everything they try out for. Rose is dealing with it pretty well. Some of these kids have never been told "No". They get everything they want the do everything they want. I've seen parents pull kids out of one extracurricular class to get to a second one and wonder why the kid is struggling in school and blaming the teacher for requiring the second grader to read outside of the classroom.

I have finished another top and started a new wall hanging, I've not tried any hand sewing with Willow around, but I might tonight.

Hopefully we will get to the State Fair today.  Glenn does not want to go, and John may stay home to transport.  So it may be just me and the girls. 

Another Top finished
I finished this top.


After trying to post a picture for over an hour, I have given up you will have to click to see it.

It took 6 months and I am pleased to have it done, but I think it needs a bit more work since it looks like it is not flat in areas. It hangs funny :( I've set it aside for a while until I can deal with it again. I want to do some mindless work not fiddly stuff fixing stupid mistakes.

An update on my life-
First off I have not even thought about weight loss this week- OK I thought about it but I did not do anything about it.

Life with John is about the same with added stress of his father's illness. His Dad (John Sr) has leukemia. The Doctors have given him little options. He is 79 years old. John is wrestling with the "do I go back to see him one more time" or not. He went thru his grandfathers downward spiral due to cancer when he was a teenager and does not want to do it again. I don't know if his mom asked him to come or his dad or if it is something he feels obligated to do. Both my parents died within a week of being admitted to the hospital. Mom's probably would have been expected if she had shared what was really going on but Dad was out of the blue. I can't help him her- he is more testy than usual.

His dad is moving in with his Ex-wife (John's mom) and her boyfriend.

I told him that I would finish the laundry- he has to work early and why should he stay up to put the wash in the dryer when I was going to be up until Glenn got home at least? He told me that I am busy with the kids and he feels that he needs to do stuff to make my life easier. Ok go to sleep when you are tired don't complain about the laundry ( or say that I have to do the laundry when your wife started the batch and is perfectly capable of finishing it)

Glenn has applied to UAA and we have the FAFSA finished. We will not be getting anything as far as I can see since the student financial aid meeting we went to said that if you are less than 4000 on the Expected Family contribution and ours is 21609. yup having things in our name and a combined mutual fund for all three kids is the pits. But with refinancing the house we should eek by. I tried to get to the Scholarship page on UAA but I don't have his student ID maybe because they have not processed the application yet.

Sarah is continuing to try to better her brother. He is X on weightlifting at school last year she did x+1 this year.

Rose is busy with her dance and Peter Pan. She loves it but John thinks it is to much- OK her school work is still all A's and the only thing that has gotten cut out of her life is watching reruns of old TV shows that she knows by heart. The advantages of what she is getting right now far outweighs any negatives.

I have finished the TAXES. I will look over them Monday- I need a break from on line/computer forms. The FAFSA was not hard , until I realized that I filled it out for 08-09 for starting summer classes. I redid it for 09-10 and that explains mu confusions as to why they were asking for 2007 tax information. Hey it was on the computer so I just dug it out.

My sewing today was costumes for Rose in Peter Pan. I still have to "distress" them. The fabric is too "pretty" It's rust micro suede- shoe polish and a black ink pad should help... I told a couple of people that I would help with their costumes too. One mom is a pirate, her son is one of the Two Peter's and her daughter is the kangaroo. I told her that I would be available for certain people- she is one of them. I would help with the kangaroo. I told my availability depended on if I liked the child or not. There is one child who has coped such an attitude that I will not help her out at all. You give me the evil eye- lie about things you were doing ( I called her on it in public) don't you expect my help- she was one whose parent did not show up to the mandatory meeting.

I also bought a sharks tooth and made her a necklace for her "token"- Something a boy would find on an island and keep as a treasure.

The volcano is still rumbling- Not that I could do anything anywasy. John has to check on the activity and try to decipher what is happening just cause that is they way he is. Either that or he wants to be the first to know about the eruption if it happens. You can tell that the Volcano observatory people are getting tired of having to post updates every two hours. They are getting short and to the points
"2009-02-14 23:10:24
Redoubt Volcano has not erupted. Seismicity remains elevated.

The webcam is dark for the night

AVO continues to monitor Redoubt 24 hours a day"

Thursday evening
Rose, Sarah and I will be venturing out to attend Rose's rehearsal-  I will try- but if I can't make it- the director will understand.  She is already behind in the blocking and there is a lot left to do-  I'm glad that I know a lot of back roads in case the main road is bad-  But then again the main roads seem to be better lately since  more people use them than our side road ( most of the people who use my street live on my street)

Snow day- Er- ICE day
The title says it all- The district decided the roads are to bad to have people out. Employees to report only if local conditions are good enough for them to do so- it is colder in Anchorage (30F) with freezing rain than it is here ( 39 with rain)  The kids have a freebie- they have one snow day built into the schedule any more and they have to make up the day.

I had planned to try to get to WW today- I saw the leader in the store yesterday,  I got  some mail from WW yesterday.  The meeting is during school so it does not conflict with evening activities.....  Well I am not driving 10 miles for a meeting. 

I have not weighed in the week still. 

I am afraid to

I also did not sleep very good last night- So  a nap is in order for later.

you know it is cold when-
you forget to start the dryer and when you go back 30 minutes later the clothes inside are frozen.  LOL

I normally leave a dried load in overnight simple to keep the cold from migrating in. 

It is a gas dryer and has a vent directly to outside, but in the winter when it is not used it is also a direct vent inside. 

Now growing up we had an electric dryer and had a vent that we could close off in the winter and the warm air would stay inside- can't do that with the gas version. 

Dec 3
I am still in a funk.  I took care of the gifts in the house.  I still have some to buy.  Some I have no idea what I should get and these are for my own kids.  I'm doing minimum decorations this year.  The more I put up the more I just have to take down. 

Sarah is also in a funk.  She who liked school ( or at least would go without fussing) is now asking daily if she can stay home.  The joys of being a freshman.

She will not be happy when she finds out that dinner is Chicken.  Meat is EVIL according to her, except for Pepperoni.  Hey at least I am planning to serve egg noodles with it instead of her dreaded potatoes.

Weekly WI-  Down one pound.  Not bad for a week which included Thanksgiving,  Multiple fast food meals, homemade fudge and Hershey's kisses.


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