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Dec 3
I am still in a funk.  I took care of the gifts in the house.  I still have some to buy.  Some I have no idea what I should get and these are for my own kids.  I'm doing minimum decorations this year.  The more I put up the more I just have to take down. 

Sarah is also in a funk.  She who liked school ( or at least would go without fussing) is now asking daily if she can stay home.  The joys of being a freshman.

She will not be happy when she finds out that dinner is Chicken.  Meat is EVIL according to her, except for Pepperoni.  Hey at least I am planning to serve egg noodles with it instead of her dreaded potatoes.

Weekly WI-  Down one pound.  Not bad for a week which included Thanksgiving,  Multiple fast food meals, homemade fudge and Hershey's kisses.


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