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Snow day- Er- ICE day
The title says it all- The district decided the roads are to bad to have people out. Employees to report only if local conditions are good enough for them to do so- it is colder in Anchorage (30F) with freezing rain than it is here ( 39 with rain)  The kids have a freebie- they have one snow day built into the schedule any more and they have to make up the day.

I had planned to try to get to WW today- I saw the leader in the store yesterday,  I got  some mail from WW yesterday.  The meeting is during school so it does not conflict with evening activities.....  Well I am not driving 10 miles for a meeting. 

I have not weighed in the week still. 

I am afraid to

I also did not sleep very good last night- So  a nap is in order for later.

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when do they make up those days?

They haven't decided

"This is the second day of district-wide school closures this calendar year, and the third closure day for West High School. Due to state requirements, West High School students will need to make up the school day later in the year. Students, families, and staff will be notified of the adjustment to the school calendar as soon as the make-up day has been determined."

They have some in service days that they can use or if they get to many of them they will extend the school year. One year they added 15 minutes to the school day to make up the missing time. They had mentioned Saturday school that year but most parents said "Go for it- I'll just keep Jr home". So they extended the school day :)

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