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Saturday morning
The puppy work me up at 7. Well at least I got to sleep in for an hour.

Glenn likes his classes, he has not said anything bad about his teachers and he really likes his Engineering Seminar. Today he has History of Western Civilization

Sarah is frustrated over her classes, she needs to figure out that she is not the only one struggling then she will feel better. She thinks that everyone one else understands these new concepts and in reality everyone is struggling.

Rose is busy, she wants to go pickup a clarinet today. She is excited and she has a built in tutor in big sis.
The director of the play she auditioned for asked who was going to participate in the intermission entertainment. The director wants to include everyone.  She does not want to be the bad guy and say NO- so I will be the realistic Mom, and say NO.  I emailed her back explaining that while her desire to include everyone is great, I need to teach my child that not everyone gets everything they try out for. Rose is dealing with it pretty well. Some of these kids have never been told "No". They get everything they want the do everything they want. I've seen parents pull kids out of one extracurricular class to get to a second one and wonder why the kid is struggling in school and blaming the teacher for requiring the second grader to read outside of the classroom.

I have finished another top and started a new wall hanging, I've not tried any hand sewing with Willow around, but I might tonight.

Hopefully we will get to the State Fair today.  Glenn does not want to go, and John may stay home to transport.  So it may be just me and the girls. 


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