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Small town news
Stupid teen-aged drivers   I think this was actually on Tuesday since I saw it and I don't remember going into Anchorage on Wednesday.    CRS strikes again. Robert Farley who was injured is Glenn's aged and since they started attending the same school the school district has been trying to give his stuff to me.  Oh Glenn's grades, would you like Roberts too?    After this article appeared in the paper one of Rose's teachers asked how "Robert was doing.. "Robert Who?"  

Today the local paper called to see if we were the parents of Robert Farley.  Probably to get more information on how he is doing.   I was not home but Sarah said the one sided conversation went something like " hello ...  no...  NO! " and got really interesting.  Good thing I saw the article and we discussed it at home so John had some idea that there was a wreck and that "Farley" was involve. 

There are at least 3 Farley families in this community.   Teenagers playing chicken cutting each other off while driving down the highway.  I love the comments   Glen?  clearly someone who is not from the area.  It is the GLENN highway.  AKA HWY 1 but no one calls it anything other than "the Glenn".   


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