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Proud Mama

Rose was all happy on Sunday after her costume fitting. They had taken her picture and asked her name and age.  It was in today's paper.  This surprises me since they typically show the party girls instead of the soldiers. 

Angela, Rose, and Diana 

John had me order an 8X10 from the reprint people.  He is such a photo snob- when he was scanning in the pictures he took he saves them in huge files.  If you forget to resize them and try to print them out they are 24 inches wide. 

We have already had one person call to say they will be sending us an extra copy- a lady from Church.

All three girls are from Eagle River.  Angela attends the same school as Rose and Diana is in the same dance classes. 



Birthday Evening
Sarah had a good birthday- understated just like she wanted.  I had Rose Get her homework done as fast  ( but neat) as possible.  Sarah only had to practice her clarinet and when that was done she opened her gifts.  The Wii was the last one opened, she started to open it, saw what it was and then hugged the box.  She who is stoic and rarely smiles was all grins and giggles all night.  Definitely  a good choice.

Tomorrow I have 3 parent teacher conferences, and will pay out the bribe money. :)  Rose has already told me that she wants to buy another Wii game.

Monday 10/27
I can't believe that October is almost over. Of course if I look outside it looks like it is December. The snow is here to stay.

John had a big brain oops on Saturday. He went to work. Worked 9 hours out of a 10 hour shift, then someone looked at the schedule and told him- "Why are you here? you are supposed to be on annual leave. " Oops. John does not take a summer vacation. He takes most of December off and then holidays and kids birthdays. Since he does not get his schedule in advance about 75% of the time his days off seem to fall on days he asks for off so he started taking random days off too. Saturday was one. He emailed the person in charge of this pay so that they will not charge him annual leave.

Sarah is going to make out like a bandit for her birthday.  She rarely asks for stuff.  So when we went shopping I had her pick some stuff out as presents and she knows those.  She mentioned wanting a Wii,  I told John and she now has a Wii.  That makes 3 game consoles in a house with 1 TV.   She wants the music game and a Wii Fit but those will be for Christmas.  She has a pile of 9 presents, 4 of which she help buy. 

Begining of a busy week
Rose has her dance class at 4. Then we all go down to Anchorage so that the class can Dance at Trick or treat town. Then we trick or treat there. We can car pool but I am thinking that I want to be able to leave/stay based on my children not someone else's. ( John hates the idea of Trick or treat town. Done inside with booths rented by various local companies- Trick or treating is supposed to be at night, in your own neighborhood, where the guy on the corner scares the bejebbers out of the little ones- WE never went until Rose started dancing there- she wishes we had- she has fun)
Tonight Glenn has been invited to a bonfire at church.  He may not go though.  He got a new Xbox game and thought that he had an evening at home where he could play.  I already told him NO.  So perhaps he will go- if he goes he will get home around midnight and will have fun.
Saturday- shopping and church since
Sunday- Nutcracker rehearsal
Monday- Rose has a Doctors appointment
Tuesday.  Rose gets an award at school so John has to take time out so that one of us can be there and the other one can get the high school kids.Rose also has her dance class.
Wednesday- half day at the elementary schools.  SARAH'S BIRTHDAY She will be 15
Thursday- Church gets over at 11  High school gets over at 11  Parent teacher conferences at high school start at 11:30  Elementary school get out at 12:30  Rose's Conference is at 2:20
Friday- no school HALLOWEEN :) Dance class and/or Rehearsal

Insanity is hereditary you inherit it from your children.

John stayed home from church to get the wood taken care of. He also made Glenn stay home too. Glenn said he stayed mainly so that John would not over do it to much. He is in a mood because he thinks I am mad at him and does not know why. Sarah is afraid that I am going to get mad because he is in a mood. It is a catch 22 situation so there is nothing I can do about it so I'm not going to worry about it. Sarah loves Wales and has a small welsh flag ( bought at the $1.99 store) now she wants to get two more flags, Switzerland for when she wants to remain neutral, and North Korea to warn us that she is in a very bad mood and the nukes may go of at any minute.

John is trying to "get back into fighting weight" by not eating. Which makes him grumpy. I said something at dinner but I will not say anything else- let him do things his way for now. That will last two days until he chooses to go on the "massive influx of calories" diet because he is hungry.

Today I used the bike for 25 minutes and went 5 miles. I also got in my fruits and veggies :) Baby steps. I need to lose weight and be happier about it since he is making this a competition. His way ( the only right way ) vs my way ( which must not work because it is not his way)

I have a new least favorite commercial now. The ones that say that women get pregnant just so that they can buy a "German engineered" minivan.

Shopping Joys
When we moved up here 12 years ago I was pleased to find out that they had 3 grocery stores and bot K mart and Walmart. Some were a distance to drive but that was OK. Then the two close grocery stores merged and I was left with little choices. But then Fred Meyers moved into town so instead of driving 20 miles for a choice of store there was again 2 within my own community. Then K mart declared bankruptcy and "while the Alaska stores are profitable the logistics of getting merchandise there in time for sales is not worthwhile so they closed. Then Walmart opened up 1/4 mile away and things were a bit better, although I do not like their quality much but I like the low prices. So that was the way of the world in Eagle River Alaska. But then the rumors started up. Target's coming. Then it is confirmed and the start construction. They are open now with an official grand opening in 3 days. I grew up in Minnesota- Target was where we did 90% of our shopping. I worked for them ( OK for 2 weeks and it was my 3rd job so I could make ends meet and the first day I found out that the FAA was hiring me) I missed Target in Ohio and liked getting sent to Oklahoma since they had Targets.

While all of this is going on Our Walmart decided to expand and put in a super center. Now John says that we will do our shopping there- Of course when Safeway bought Carrs, he was going to stop shopping at Carrs/Safeway. When Fred Meyers opened he was going to stop shopping at Carrs/Safeway. When Carrs/Safeway remodeled he was going to stop shopping at Carrs/Safeway. When the remodeling was done and the prices jumped and the choices diminished he was going to stop shopping at Carrs/Safeway. He still shops at Carrs/Safeway only because he is to stubborn to learn the layout of a new store. Claims the _______ is better Carrs/Safeway Insert food/ magazine/beer of your choice.

Me? I am heading out to Target in the AM after the kids are in school. :) I have not gotten to shop there since 1993 - the last time I was in Oklahoma. I hope that it is as nice as I remember.

Sunday 9/28
It was Rose's first Rehearsal To read more about my kids clickCollapse )

I hope the cut worked.

Does anyone know where my rich text editor buttons went. I can Insert image or Embed media but I have no other choices. Having to go into the help file to find the codes is more work. Maybe it is my free account.

NSV. One thing Sarah asked for today was Ice cream from the "tall Mall" AKA the Fifth Avenue Mall. I went, bought her ice cream and did not have anything for myself. I also bought Macdonald's for Rose to eat after her rehearsal, I bought myself a diet coke.

Nutcracker Auditions For Rose
Of the 6 girls I know that went to the audition today. Three did not get parts. They have had parts in the past but have "outgrown" the parts available. Being "too tall" at 10 sucks. To tall for the kid roles and not big enough to dance the the older "Pointe shoes roles"

Rose and another classmate, Diana, both got "soldier". Rose is happy to get any part even if it is the second year she will be a soldier. Another girl who was in the girls class last year got the lead role of Marie. Much better than last year when she was given the part of "party girl" then had it taken away when a mother complained that "my daughters teacher said she would have this role" then Claire also got to be soldier. (Rose is hoping that Katie might still get a part since other tall kids got parts last year the day after auditions, but 20 more kids tried out this year.)

So this week Rehearsals are Sunday afternoon with a parent meeting at 4. Monday late evening 7-9 Thursday 6:30-8:30 at least I will not have to take her out of school for any of these. It will not complicate my life as much as John thinks it will. Of course he totally forgot that it was the day of auditions today. Which is why I take care of the calendar.

It tells you something when asked about my sewing skills I totally skip ( space out forget...) over the other sort of sewing that I do. Quilting is sewing sort of right? In which case quilting is my favorite thing to do and it requires thread needle and fabric too.

I took Rose to dance class tonight and could not find the keys to get home. I looked everywhere and was calling John to come get me when Sarah found it in a zipped pocket in my purse. How the hell I lost the keys in a purse I anyones guess but I did. I need a LARGER key ring. Since a better memory is hard to find.

(no subject)
I knew that this summer was cool.

Now I get to listen to John predicting either a lot of snow the winter, after all we had a wet summer, 
or a dry winter , after all we had a wet summer and there is only so much moister
A cold winter after all we had a cool summer
A warm winter after all we had a cool summer.

See a pattern

I  should not have looked at the Climate data-  Starting 9/24 we have an average of .10 inches of snow.   So this weekend the kids get to clean the toys out of the back yard.  We can have frost any day now.  On the other hand today officially ends "tourist season" which seemed less busy than usual.  I drove less but when I did I saw a lot fewer RV's

But I have got seen some good news too. My girlfriend who moved to Houston In January  is OK.  Lost part of her fence and some shingles and they are using a generator for power.  Also the local boy who got the heart transplant 7/31 is out of the hospital and at the Ronald McDonald house. 


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